No Deposit Scratch Card Bonus A-Z


You might be familiar with the long-standing adage--there's no such thing as a free lunch. While it rings true in many aspects of life, the online gaming industry is determined to prove otherwise, especially with no deposit bonus codes for scratch cards. New online casinos will do all they can to attract new players to their site, and offering new players a chance to win real money without spending a single dime is the latest craze. Few players are likely to turn down such an opportunity. Why? It's pretty simple really. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Online casinos tailor such promotions under their welcome offer package. This is a package carefully crafted to entice new players to sign up with the respective online casino. While some online gaming sites urge players to make a minimum deposit to unlock the attractive signup offer, others don't. And a no deposit scratch card bonus is part of the latter. So, what's the idea behind this exciting and alluring concept most online casinos are taking advantage of, and how does it benefit you?

What Does a No Deposit Bonus Entail?

The name says it all. New players have a chance to play their favourite games without paying a cent. In this case, by simply signing up on a gaming platform, you're offered a scratch card as a bonus. The number of scratchies you receive will vary from one online casino to the next. This scratch card bonus is a card with a hidden prize only revealed after you scratch it. Of course, this happens in the virtual space as you can't physically scratch the card in question. But the bottom line is that once you hit the right symbols, you stand a chance to win numerous prizes as we'll highlight below.

  • Scratch Card Bonus Prizes

The no deposit scratch card bonus is pretty much uniform across most online gaming sites. What differs are the prizes up for grabs - i.e. $20 no deposit scratch card. Examples include the following.

  • Free Chips

An online gaming site might credit you with free chips as part of the no deposit scratch card bonus. In this case, players have the opportunity to swap these free chips for scratchies.

  • Free Games

In some cases, the prize associated with this promotion involves free games. Here, you receive a scratch card as a bonus allowing you to play a particular game. Again, the number of scratchies varies with each promotion. But the bottom line is you can play the number of games associated with the promotion, free of charge! What you may need to look out for is the type of games on offer. Is the online gaming platform offering you worthwhile titles? By worthwhile, we mean scratchies that provide you instant wins, such as the popular Zodiac and Bingo Bonanza.

  • Free Play

Another prize option UK gaming fans can look forward to is free play. You won't receive any free chips or free games. Instead, you have a set time frame in which you can play your scratchies. The actual time frame is up to the online casino's discretion. However, the majority usually allow players an hour of free play on specified games.

Terms and Conditions


The idea of participating in a scratch card bonus promotion undoubtedly sounds appealing to many players. This is regardless of whether you're a gambling veteran or still starting out. Whichever category you fall in, it's paramount to realise that such promotions come with terms and conditions. Lucky for you, depositing a minimum amount isn't a prerequisite to taking part in this exciting promotion. But the following might be, depending on the online casino:

  • Maximum bets each player can place
  • The maximum cash you can withdraw from your winnings
  • Wagering requirements

Bear in mind that some online casinos don't have wagering requirements when it comes to scratchies. As such, there's no limit to the amount you can withdraw. If you manage to come across such a deal as a new player, you'll have truly hit the jackpot, so to speak.

Final Words

Scratchies have taken over the online gaming platform by storm, and understandably so. Not only are they a great chance for new players to win exciting prizes with no deposit, but gamers don't have to spend any money in the process. If anything, you can possibly win yourself some real money, whether you receive free play, chips, or games.

Just a word of caution; scratchies are a game of chance, much like any other online gambling activity. At no point in your online gaming lifetime will you become the king or queen of scratchies! What you need is a generous $20 no deposit bonus, a long streak of luck, a positive attitude, and the rest will follow. And, even if you don't win, at least you'd not have played using your own cash. Overall, you have nothing to lose!